+ A lightweight, oil-free, aqueous solution containing a high concentration
+ The serum contains high levels of both free form and hydrolyzed L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

+ Cellex-C Skin Firming Cream Plus, 60 ml

+ Lightweight oil free formulation Contains the full complement of Cellex-C
+ Tightens and Firms Suitable for all except the most sensitive skin

+ An oil-free, crystal clear gel containing an extraordinarily high percentage of hyaluronic acid
+ Smoother, silkier, more radiant looking skin will be noticed in 3–6 weeks
+ Facilitates better absorption of vitamin C
+ This product begins its moisturizing work beneath the surface of the skin

+ This soft, sea-foam colored cream contains specific sea botanical extracts
+ Omega plankton, marine algae, aquatic vegetable protein, DMEA complex, watercress extract and seaweed biopeptides
+ The ultimate lightweight oil-free moisturizer

+ Fresh Complexion Foaming Gel is an aqua green, antibacterial cleansing gel, formulated with phyto-chemicals
+ Specifically designed to remove excess oil, grime and greasy film from acne prone skin

+ Dengan asam hidroksi alfa dan beta
+ Sloughs off dead skin cells to help reveal a smoother, fresher complexion

+ Instantly gives skin a silky, smooth texture
+ Restores youthful translucency and buoyancy to the skin

+ Perfect for introduction to Cellex-C skin care for anti-aging, and for travelling

+ Provides an oil-free herbal solution for direct application to spots
+ Also calms insect bites

+ Volumizes skin density to add youthful plumpness to browbone and surrounding area

+ This starter kit contains a 15 mL of the High-Potency Serum and a 15 mL size of the Hydra 5 B-Complex
+ Both oil-free, they work together to get your skin looking and feeling like it did when it was younger

+ A blemish fighting formula to help promote a smoother, clearer complexion for acne prone skin

+ Instantly peels away dull, dry skin to produce a smooth, radiant texture and glow

+ Perfect for introduction to Cellex-C skin care for anti-aging, and for travelling
+ Bonus includes Betaplex Clear Complexion Mask and Hydrasmooth Moisturizer